About Us

Red Grape Music Ltd is an independent music company providing management, label, publishing, recording and production services to artists.  Red Grape is owned and run by Kerry Harvey-Piper and Calum MacColl who between them have over 40 years experience in the industry. We’re driven by commitment to the artists we work with, put in mind-bending amounts of hard work and are always passionate about what we do.  Our management and label roster is deliberately small so that we can give each artist the attention that they deserve.

Our own in-house studio provides high-spec recording, pre- and post-production services.  If you’re a singer/songwriter looking for a professional recording studio with a resident producer then please get in touch.  We’re based in the S.W. London/Surrey area.  Restrictions on space means that we can’t offer this service to bands.

We believe in the power of teamwork and work with a range of great people in promo, licensing and distribution who we know will always do a great job. We also collaborate with other independent labels in Europe and the rest of the world, and are always on the look out to work with more.  Check out our Links page to see who we work with and recommend.

We’re members of The Association of Independent Music, an invaluable organisation which represents the interests of UK independent labels and copyright holders, and are proud that Red Grape’s Kerry Harvey-Piper is currently a member of the AIM Board.  Red Grape is also a member of MCPS, PPL and Merlin.

Demos Policy

Please take a listen to our current artist roster BEFORE sending us any links so you know what we respond to best (we love pop, folk, singer-songwriters, acoustic and indie pop but we still can’t get our ears round Metal even tho’ we’ve tried, we’ve really tried).  Send us a link to your SoundCloud account and your website.  We do click through to every link we receive and  we will get back to you, although it may take a couple of weeks.  At the moment we’re very busy working with the acts already on the roster so to be absolutely honest we’re unlikely to be taking on any more artists in the next few months.  But there again, if your music completely knocks our socks off, we’ll make super human efforts to work with you.