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We’ve got a new website up and running and this current one will stop working shortly.  Please head over to http://www.redgrapemusic.com for all the latest information on our artists and releases.

Tickets for Jake Morley @ HMV Next Big Thing going quickly

Less than two weeks to go before Jake Morley headlines the Jazz Cafe on February 12th as part of HMV’s Next Big Thing Festival.  Tickets are selling fast, so if you’re planning to come along you’ll need to buy your tickets in advance to make sure you get in.  I could tell you all about it myself, but since Jake puts it so well, I’ll let him do the talking about it here:


Hafdis nominated for Best Female Artist in SoMojo Music Awards

We’re thrilled to hear this – congratulations to Hafdis for her nomination!  Voting is taking place here:


until 30th December and the results will be announced on the 31st December.

Sam Brookes and Liam Blake, who are supporting Jake Morley at HMV’s Next Big Thing gig at the Jazz Cafe on 12th February have also been nominated in other categories, so it’s definitely worth a click to vote for all three artists.


Jake Morley selected as headline artist for HMV’s Next Big Thing

We’re very excited to announce that Jake Morley has been asked to headline London’s Jazz Cafe on February 12th as part of HMV’s Next Big Thing.  The festival, which is spread over 10 nights and across 9 venues, is an important platform for emerging and hotly tipped artists.  Supporting Jake at the Jazz Cafe will be Sam Brookes and Liam Blake.  Tickets are £10 from HMV and I’ve just been told that it already looks like it’s going to be a sell out, so I thoroughly recommend getting a ticket in advance from here:


Jake Morley at The Paramount Club

Jake and the hugely talented John Parker played a private gig at the Paramount Club on the 32nd floor of London’s Centre Point.  It was a very clear night so the views from the glass walled bar were astounding on both sides – Oxford Street all lit up with Christmas lights on one side, and a view all the way from St Paul’s  down to the London Eye on the other.  I tried to capture the view on my phone, but it turned out pretty rubbish but you’ll get an idea of the view.