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We’ve got a new website up and running and this current one will stop working shortly.  Please head over to http://www.redgrapemusic.com for all the latest information on our artists and releases.

Peggy Seeger new album release scheduled

Peggy & AutoharpWe’re absolutely delighted to announce that Red Grape will be releasing a new album by folk legend Peggy Seeger in spring 2014.  It seems rather a long way off, especially as we’re so excited by the prospect, but good things come to those who wait etc etc.  I think that the album is her best ever – she’s in fantastic voice and the songs are all original, except for one which was ‘found’ written in pen on the back of the door of a public toilet.  The songs are so powerful they grab you by the lapels and won’t let you go – I challenge you to not be moved to tears by at least two of them.  But it’s not all gloom and doom – other songs muse on the delights of taking an older lover, and give words of caution about heroes or believing in fairy tales.

We’ll have a preview of a track in the next couple of weeks and in the meantime wish Peggy a speedy recovery from a recent operation.

Free ringtone

To celebrate the 26th November release of ‘Bad Bad Girl’ by Broadcaster feat. Peggy Seeger, we’re giving away a ringtone based on the track.  So if you too would like your phone to sing out “Bad bad girl” everytime your girlfriend/wife/best mate/mum/mother-in-law phones you, look no further than here: http://soundcloud.com/redgrape/bad-bad-girl-ringtone

Bad bad girl ringtone

Broadcaster feat. Peggy Seeger Nominated for Award

We had the great pleasure of attending the AIM Independent Music Awards the other week, to see Broadcaster’s album ‘Folksploitation’ shortlisted for the Genre Spotlight awards.  We had an excellent night in great company and although we didn’t win the award, it was hugely gratifying to be one of the 5 shortlisted albums.  You can see the whole list of nominations and well deserved winners here: http://www.musicindie.com/awards

Signed copies of Broadcaster feat. Peggy Seeger ‘Folksploitation’

We’ve got some exclusive copies of this amazing album, signed by both Peggy Seeger and Broadcaster.  There are a limited number of these, available ONLY from the Red Grape Shop.  A future collector’s item?  Probably.  A chance to get your hands on a great album?  Definitely!

Broadcaster getting fabulous reviews!

Broadcaster’s new album ‘Folksploitation’ featuring Peggy Seeger is out on Monday 30th July and it’s getting great reviews (deservedly so, of course!).  Today’s Daily Mirror says “thrilling contemporary takes on old folk tunes”, and  i (the Independent’s little sister) gives it 4 stars.

Here’s what others are saying:

“Excellent! I love this!”  Janice Long, BBC Radio 2

“It’s got under my skin and I think it’s utterly beautiful”  Dave Gorman, Absolute Radio

“Every track on Folksploitation is awesome and for once I don’t hesitate to use that word. Folksploitation is a masterpiece.”  Indie Showcase

“This is sublime….. Seeger seems to be singing to us from the end of time itself – (the video) gives me goosebumps every time I watch it.” Spiral Earth

“Folksploitation has already ignited a whole new wave of interest in the woman whose voice cuts like the chant of a shamen across Broadcaster’s edgy techno beats with all the wisdom of the ages. It’s an utterly absorbing and frequently exhilarating experience. ….. Folksploitation is a thrilling, hypnotic experiment which Seeger’s die-hard fans will probably approach with trepidation. But ultimately, it’s a surprising triumph for this redoubtable singer’s capacity to push the boundaries and make her listeners think again.” Cry Me A Torch Song Blog

“(First Time Ever is) one of the most hypnotic dance tracks of the year …. It’s an emotional vocal performance from Seeger and it just gives this track to w whole other level as the two elements just compliment each other so fantastically.  This is such a vibrant and energising track that will be tearing up dance floors in clubs up and down the country. But it’s such a fantastic experimental track that really delivers so much more than you expect it to – one of the best singles of the year so far.”   Female First.co.uk

“It shouldn’t work but it does.”  Indie London

“A genre-defying album full of hypnotic and hook laden delights.”  Annular Media Blogspot

Broadcaster & Peggy Seeger collaborate on genre-defying new release

Even for a genre-defying experimental musician like Broadcaster, reinventing a classic song is nothing if not challenging. When you’re working with folk legend Peggy Seeger for whom the song was written, Broadcaster could have been forgiven for avoiding it altogether.

‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’  was originally written by Ewan MacColl for the 21-year-old Peggy in the early days of their courtship. In the intervening 55 years, it has been covered by over 60 artists from Roberta Flack and Elvis, to Johnny Cash and Leona Lewis. Peggy regularly sings it at her concerts, but she was open to new ideas and the result is the single First Time Ever (out July 2nd), with Peggy’s poignant vocals laid against dub, groove and techno beats.

Add an inventive and original video into the mix and this is the amazing result: